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Name, Image & Likeness (NIL)

We represent either athletes or brands in deals with athletes and entertainers for the use of their name, image, and/or likeness. 

NILs are nothing new for professional athletes and other celebrities. Yet, for college student-athletes, this is a new opportunity to capitalize on the notariety that comes with being a high profile athlete. We work with athletes to understand the deals, the obligations contained in such NIL deals, the relative value, and the regulatory framework that surrounds them. 

The NIL space is constantly evolving as NCAA rules and state laws have been constantly shifting. We help clients to manage the risks of new and complex deals and navigate through the issues. 

As an athlete, do you know that you may be help liable for the claims you make in an advertisement about a product? Failure to provide truthful and accurate disclosures or to have proper protections in place in the contract may leave you susceptible to negative consequences. Well crafted NIL contracts help to flush out the responsibilities and protect your interests and reputation. Taking the proper steps up front and working with attorneys knowledgeable in this space can prevent a host of issues down the road.

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